Volunteer testimonials

From day one of lockdown there I was with my shopping lists from people in the community who had contacted LJWB asking for help. I made contact with these people on the phone before I left the house to introduce myself. Over the weeks these strangers have become friends. It’s not just the shopping it’s the conversations we have over the phone. I’ve shared their highs and lows. Heard about their families and life’s experiences. It’s so much appreciated by them but I can honestly say that it’s my life that has been enriched by volunteering during Covid 19. I can’t wait until I can meet my new friends properly over a cuppa and a hug
Sandra Bergen
Volunteering for LJWB during the COVID-19 crisis has been so rewarding. Delivering Shabbat packs to community members was such a wonderful way to give back and the community members I met were so grateful to LJWB for thinking of them. This made me proud of the Leeds community and LJWB
Hannah L
As I work in Harrogate, being able to give some time to help those in the local Leeds community has been difficult up until now. Working from home these past few months has given me the opportunity to change that. Driving around for an hour twice a week to deliver some meals to the elderly has given me an insight into another part of the vast operation LJWB carries out each and every day. For some recipients, it is one of the few social interactions they have on a daily basis (from a safe distance of course!) and they truly appreciate the efforts of those who help them. In all honesty, it's no great sacrifice and is just part of the routine these days - just a quick e-mail or phone call to LJWB to offer some time will get the ball rolling!
Rick Sherman
Volunteering during the Covid crisis has been a very worthwhile and valuable experience for me...more so than I imagined. Apart from the obvious sense of satisfaction knowing I've helped others at this difficult time, it's made me realise how rewarding it is to give something back and help others as well as give me a sense of purpose at a time when I had no work and my mental health could so easily have suffered . It's also now made me determined to do more and to carry on giving of my time in the future”
Jonny Rosenberg
They say volunteering is a win-win for those involved: helping those in need who are vulnerable, and getting immense satisfaction from giving something back. This has definitely been the case for me. The lady I usually befriend is now in a care home and as I am unable to see her at this time I really wanted to continue and offer something to LJWB. Delivering meals into the community seemed a worthwhile use of my time a couple of times a week. You think you know most people in the community and how it works. This work has really opened my eyes as to the range of people LJWB serves – and how vital that service is. One lovely man comes to mind – living in a high rise flat, on his own, having left hospital with no-one to support him. The meals are a vital lifeline for him. I always like to take the time to say a few words (from a distance!) and check he is doing alright. He looks so vulnerable and alone and I really feel for him. I like to think that at least he’s getting a hot meal and a smile (through the face mask!) and a kind word. This service to me sums up the work of the Welfare Board – reaching the far corners of the community, organising vital services, and ensuring our most vulnerable are being looked out for. You can’t say more than that can you? I feel grateful to be able to contribute in this small way.
Mission Accomplished - The first time we volunteered we felt we were part of a James Bond movie wearing our masks and latex gloves we crept up the stairs to the address we had been given and looking round making sure nobody saw us we approached the front door where an envelope was sticking out of the letterbox with our shopping list and money.in it ..... we quickly pulled it out and fled to our lookalike Aston Martin which was waiting outside After mission accomplished at the supermarket we ascended the steps to the flat laden with carrier bags full of items required looked around to make sure no one was around in the corridor, dropped the shopping in front of the given address, rang the front doorbell and fled - phew ......hope we bought the correct items??? The overwhelming feeling is one of just how much what we do is appreciated by all of those for whom we shop. Despite all the new rules and regulations that have to be followed and the craziness of what goes on in the supermarkets it’s all worthwhile.
Angie & Jeremy
I found volunteering for LJWB during the COVID-19 crisis to be extremely rewarding, and every person I met was so thankful for the shopping that I did. It was amazing to form relationships with people within the community who I haven’t met before, many of whom had never needed to use the services of LJWB prior to COVID-19. Some of the people I met when shopping were unable to interact with anybody else, unable to go outdoors, so it was a pleasure to deliver the shopping and get to know these people during these times.
Simon Field
Volunteering……. My first thought was here’s my chance to do something useful. I am not a stranger to volunteering, having been involved in Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Donisthorpe and the LJWB for many years. Lockdown, however put a stop to all of them. I was therefore delighted to help when the call went out for volunteer shoppers for LJWB service users who are generally high risk because of age, stuck at home, and have no one else to shop for them. I knew I was making a success of it when a few of the service users asked for me by name, and I now have my regulars! My knowledge of the shelf layout of Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencers, and Gourmet has increased immeasurably! I am rewarded with the “feel good factor” every time I help someone in need.
Stephen Brown