Dementia Friends Sessions

Could you been a Dementia Friend? There are over 1 million Dementia Friends across England and Wales who are going out into their communities with a greater understanding of dementia and some of the ways they can help people living with the condition. From being more patient in shop queues, to volunteering, to campaigning for change, Dementia Friends are helping to create communities in which people living with dementia feel more understood and included (

It’s really easy to do – take the fist step (a 1 hour awareness session) – LJWB have many dementia friends’ sessions 

The link to sign up to these sessions and others near you is:

Dementia Friends Sessions

The next dementia friends session @ the MAZCC is – Tuesday 28th August 5pm

For further information please contact Ruth Brooks or Katie Brown, Dementia Response Coordinator on 0759 0862509 /