Remember a loved one

Tree of life

Remember your loved ones every day of the year with the LJWB Tree of Life situated in the MAZCC. The Tree of Life provides a special tribute to your loved ones whilst supporting the vital services provided by LJWB.

The Tree of Life has leaves which are inscribed with words in memory of loved ones and attached to the tree (£500). The tree was unveiled by family and friends of the Rosenhead Family who attached the first leaf in memory of Andrew Rosenhead, who sadly passed away in 2010.

If you would like to remember your loved one in this way, please contact the Fundraising Team on or call 0113 218 5843.

Celebration Walls

At the MAZCC we have two beautiful glass brick walls: the Menorah Wall and the David Wall. The walls can be viewed everyday by all our visitors.  

Buying a glass brick in our Celebration Walls offers a permanent tribute to someone – or something – close to your heart. You may want to recognise a loved one who has sadly passed away. Alternatively, you may wish to name a brick to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or recognise your company, club or school. 

Bricks are £1,000 or £1,500 for a top row brick. For more information contact the Fundraising Team on or call 0113 218 5843.

Funeral collections 

It is a Jewish custom and part of the foundation of Judaism to perform an act of tzedakah, or charity, to honour the memory of the deceased. This generally takes the form of a donation to an institution the deceased was associated with or supported.

For more information on how we can support you with a collection, please contact our Fundraising Team on 0113 218 5843 or email