Men's Support

We know that there are many men of all ages who have significant health and social care needs within our community, city wide, and on a national and international level.

LJWB, like so many other organisations is finding that demand is increasing significantly, especially in these unprecedented and challenging times.

Our Community Support and Community Engagement Teams provide a range of support services, advice and guidance to men, to help with mental health, money worries or isolation, and we are planning  peer support groups where men can share their experiences, form new friendships and improve their wellbeing. We also work with the team at Men’s Health Unlocked, a city wide initiative, which enables us to access up-to-the-minute information on men’s health and activities, support the  development of further networks with other organisations across the city, and enhance the work that we deliver at LJWB. 

We are fortunate to have a number of male colleagues at LJWB, and an increasing number of male volunteers, who support our work with men in improving health, wellbeing and reducing isolation as well as providing practical support when needed.

 If you require any emotional or practical support, please call our Helpline on 07812 753676