Lloyd Rakusen – London Marathon 2019

I’m still here to carry these humbling and worthy flags. Last year was for me a difficult year however you were still there, all the 26.2 miles to continue supporting me .

“Unrelenting in the face of adversity”

For the record, last year I was so bad, it took me near enough 6.5 hours to finish ….It gave me enough time to calculate that Mo Farrar could have lapped me 3 times and still beaten me.

This year it will be my 17th Marathon for the LJWB and my overall 22nd in London.

I am proud and inspired to be part of the largest Annual single day Money raising event on the planet.  Last year a world record breaking £63.7 million was raised for a single day and for an incredible 12 successive years a massive total of £955 million raised since 1981.

You have ALL been my extraordinary force for good that has inspired not only me to continue to run and raise funds but encourage others to assist.  This year I have one other runner Ed Davidson who is coming all the way from New York to join me and do his worthwhile contribution.

I once again implore you to keep up your phenomenal support and I will keep up mine under any circumstances.

Let’s raise Those desperately needed funds yet again together.

Once again, I’m back in the saddle and Salute you for your continuous generosity.

“Amazing Feeling” –  “Together” we’re part of the greatest fund raising  event on the Planet .

“Onwards and Upwards”