Leeds Jewish Sensory Services

Improving the quality of life for people with visual & hearing impairments.

Sight and hearing loss can be devastating

It is predicted that by 2020 the number of people with sight loss in the UK will rise to over 2.2 million. As we get older we are increasingly likely to experience sight loss. 1 in 5 people in our community aged over 75 and 1 in 2 people aged over 90 are living with sight loss. 2 million people in the UK have hearing aids but 4 million people experience hearing difficulties every day.  As with sight loss, hearing loss increases with years.

Sensory loss affects not only the ability to see or hear but impacts negatively on daily living activities and mental health. Social isolation as a result of sensory loss is the biggest challenge we are facing in our community. This affects not only the individual but also their partners, family, carers and friends.

Leeds Jewish Blind Society supports people in our community to remain as independent as possible.  We offer access to appliances that help make the lives of people with sensory impairment easier such as telephones with large buttons, talking clocks and large button multifunctional radio/MP3 players and magnifiers.  We also offer one to one support work, monthly socials, befriending and accompaniment to medical appointments, shopping trips and outings. Our Hearing  Aid Drop-In  is held every other month,  enabling people to come along to the Community Centre and have their hearing aids cleaned and repaired without having to go to the City Centre based hospitals.

‘There are many more visually impaired people living in the city who do not have knowledge of our existence. Even if someone is not registered blind or partially sighted, but has any visual or hearing problems it may well be worth contacting us for support or advice’

‘Losing one’s sight and or hearing can be devastating. We want to ensure that people have the benefits & services they are entitled to’.