Mark and Rebecca Manning - London Marathon 2020

Our Mum was our hero. She was a very cool lady. She was not only an amazing mum but a wonderful wife, sister, auntie, grandmother and friend to so many people. But more than that she was a kind and generous person who understood that helping others was usually more important than helping herself.

In 2011 we lost our hero at the age of 54 and now 9 years later we have finally plucked up the courage to run the London Marathon and are doing this in her memory, together for the first time. We have a big target to try and get to but we reckon she is worth it!

When choosing our cause we didn’t have to think too hard. Mum was so passionate about the LJWB and the work that it does in our community. She was a regular volunteer at the local centre and sat on numerous committees with her later years spent as the Chair of the Rainbow Houses which care for those with mental health and learning difficulties.

We are also very proud of the work that our Dad now does as the current Chairman of LJWB as it continue