London Marathon 2020

London Marathon Runners 2020

Monica Angel

My biggest inspiration for running the London Marathon is Lloyd who throughout the years has done an outstanding job at raising funds for charity by putting himself under challenging sportive competitions. I am happy that we get to run another marathon together! In addition, I enjoy helping other people and have got a lot of inspiration from seeing how charitable people in the UK are. Any help that I can be in this area, I am only too happy! Looking forward to running the marathon.

Phil Rakusen

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Lloyd Rakusen

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Rick Sherman

I'm Rick Sherman, born and bred in Leeds. This will be my 6th marathon (the 3rd for LJWB). Although I was one of the lucky ones to get a ballot place, I still want to raise as much money as possible for LJWB so they can continue to provide the support that people rely upon...Read more...

James Forbes

...I also want to make this the best and most rewarding marathon I have ever run and if every step I take goes towards helping LJWB then all the more for it. From personal experience I know people who have benefited and their lives improved thanks to the assistance of LJWB who now are making a success of themselves Hope as many of you will donate to this cause as much as possible...Read more...

Marcus Armstrong

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Jonny Gould

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