Lloyd Rakusen - London Marathon 2020

I can’t think what we would do without our extraordinary LJWB and their totally dedicated Team.

As a community we should be proud to have this great welfare support available that we know we can always rely on for any reason or problem we have and refer to their assistance when we are in any form of difficulty. They are always available, always listening and advising, and most of all doing.

I am, as my Grandfather and family before me when it was The Board of Guardians, committed to helping. I get a great deal of (Nachas) happiness from the results which have been substantial in the past years.

I gain a lot mentally and physically from running and sports generally and more importantly to see the new numbers of marathon fundraisers for the Welfare Board is very inspirational for me to keep going. I’m humbled this year to see we have 7 other entries for this the 39th London Marathon and knowing how hard both the training and the fundraising commitments are, I genuinely take my hat off to them all and sincerely thank them. It’s a total commitment for four of the worst months of the year. Best of luck to Team LJWB we’re all behind you and most of all many many thanks to all our amazing supporters.