James Forbes - London Marathon 2020

After many attempts at trying, I have finally managed to get a place on the London Marathon.

However main reason I am doing this is not about me but for the charity I have chosen to raise money for LJWB (Leeds Jewish Welfare Board). 

LJWB are a small social care charity who help anybody in all sorts of situations, whether it comes to housing when there’s nowhere to go, mental health and bereavement support, general wellbeing of people and community support for the disabled. Its origins were Jewish but today they help anybody in need as and when it is required. 

I also want to make this the best and most rewarding marathon I have ever run and if every step I take goes towards helping LJWB then all the more for it.

From personal experience I know people who have benefited and their lives improved thanks to the assistance of LJWB who now are making a success of themselves Hope as many of you will donate to this cause as much as possible