Confidential Support Line 0113 218 5875

Our Confidential Helpline offers support and advice to the community, manned every weekday from 8am-7pm.  The service is there for everyone, providing a vital facility and a crucial link to many service users during those hours when isolation and loneliness can be most acute.

THE LISTENING LINE is an additional service to the Confidential Helpline.

 Are you, or someone you know:

  • Living Alone
  • Living away from family & friends
  • Recently out of hospital
  • Feeling lonely or down
  • Socially isolated
  • Recently bereaved
  • Experiencing a significant change to daily living

Our trained staff & volunteers will contact you by telephone, to offer a hand of friendship, a listening ear or just a chat on a regular basis, Monday – Friday 8am-12noon

To join our service call 0113 268 4211 for an initial and confidential chat