Welcome to our online alternative to our daily activities at the MAZCC. 

Activities are hosted on Facebook YouTube Twitter and our website. 

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Partnership Activities:

Cookery With Claire:

Tuesday 24th November at 2pm Cooking with Claire Webinar : Curried sweet potato and coconut soup, Chicken Jalfrezi and spiced indian rice.


Tuesday 1st December at 2pm Cooking with Claire Webinar: Mushroom strudel and Vegan chocolate tart, and dairy free ice cream


Wednesday 9th December at 8pm Latke and Learn Chanukah special: Claire will demonstrate how to make latkes for Chanukah and Vardi and Sephy of the Killel will join me to chat about the religious significance of the festival and the food session. Perhaps with added Salt Beef demonstration and Coleslaw too if time permits!



We are very happy to support these free excellent live talks and discussions hosted by “ABRAHAM DEBATING AND DISCUSSION SOCIETY”

The Society produces two talks a week on Tuesdays (11:15) and Fridays (11:15) and they attract hundreds of viewers thanks to excellent speakers they have been able to book ( learn more: )

To receive invites and information on upcoming talks

please email:


14:00 – Light exercise with Sharon. Live zoom activity.

Meeting ID: 991 6343 3647

Passcode: 125356

14.30Carers Group live zoom every fortnight.  Please contact Natasha on 0113 2185820 for further details.


10:00Music & Movement with Sharon. Live zoom activity. (New)

Meeting ID: 916 9316 4908
Passcode: 831691

10:00 – Yoga & Breathing with AmandaLive zoom activity (New).

Meeting ID: 715 2292 5626

Passcode: 333333


11.00- Chair Pilates (New).  Live zoom activity.

Tuesday 17th November 11am Chair Pilates (30min class)

Thursday 19th November 5.30pm Chair Pilates (30min class)

11:30live zoom Crafting with Sharon. In order to get your crafting kit and join the fun call Sharon on 07813 010008Donations welcome. (New)

14:30 – Live bingo. In order to get your bingo cards call Sharon on 07813 010008. (New)

Meeting ID: 978 7695 9334
Passcode: 169042

10:00 – From the web. Children activity on our children Facebook page


10:00 –  Music & Movement with Sharon. Live zoom activity. (New)

Meeting ID: 925 1793 5769
Passcode: 330664

15:30 – Live Zoom with Sharon for people with learning disabilities.


11:30 –stick & Stuff Crafting with Sharon for parent & child.  (New) – please find on our Facebook or YouTube channel. 


14:00 – Quiz with Sharon. 

Join on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 918 1145 5163


14:00 Zoom women’s group meeting fortnightlyPlease contact Sara on 0113 2185832 for further details.


15:00 Book Club fortnightly.  Live zoom Starting 26.11.2020 (NEW)  For further details contact Claudie on 0113 2185846

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 965 2613 0791

Passcode: 541530


10:00 – Top Tips find on our Facebook or YouTube Channel. 

10:00 – From the webactivity for children – find on our Facebook or YouTube Channel.